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Schlagwörter: Andrea Ghoneim-Rosenauer, Andrea Rosenauer, Bildungstechnologie, Danube University Krems, Department of Interactive Media and Educational Technologies, Educational Technology, ePortfolio, E-Portfolio, Lernen und Social Media

my new Showcase, mainly devoted to my work at Danube University Krems, Austria

From to IMB-Mahara

As will see a big change, the Mahara-page about myself which I kept there will lose its URL. As the page was ready for a makeover, anyway, I decided to build a completely new one here :) Why Mahara? It is my favourite ePortfolio platform (Open Source), and I am co-admin of several Mahara platforms.

About me

My postition at the Department of Interactive Media and Educational Technologies at Danube University Krems enables me to live almost all my passions in the same time: teaching, learning, research and new media are the things I love - and fortunately I am able to work embedded in them. As I am mainly working in EU funded projects, I decided to set up this ePortfolio page mainly in English. Those who prefer German can find a lot of German language information in my department's newsletter and on its website.

Contribution in PURPLSOC proceedings

Out now -
Open Access:  Source: Purplsoc Proceedings 2018.

Richard Sickinger/Peter Baumgartner/Tina Gruber-Muecke (Eds.). 2018. Pursuit of Pattern Languages for Societal Change. A comprehensive perspective of current pattern research and practice. Krems: tredition. Download

Inside: Isabell Grundschober, Andrea Ghoneim, Tina Gruber-Mücke, Peter Baumgartner: A Pattern Language Remix for ATS2020. Using Existing Pedagogical Patterns to Create a New Language for Formative Assessment within the ATS2020 Learning Model, p. 288-317.

Talk to Remote Audience

Andrea Ghoneim, Danube University Krems, in July 2018, while participating online in an event in Santiago de Compostela

Presentation for "Landcare for the Future"

The picture above shows me before the presentation "ePortfolio: a multimedia companion for lifelong learning" for the event “Landcare for the Future. Challenges for Education and Training, Opportunities for Employability” in Santiago de Compostela on 16 July 2018. As you can see, focusing on the medium and trying to get through to the audience (and/or the technical support ;-) is not a relaxing task. But it is nice that there is the chance for remote participation, as travelling is not always possible. The ePortfolio page about the presentation shows my slides and more context:

Workshop at TEAVET Learning Visit in Krems (May 2018)

TEAVET - Developing Teacher Competencies for a Comprehensive VET System in Albania is a CBHE project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme. In May 15 and 16, 2018, TEAVET partners came to Austria for a learning visit. The main part of the visit took place at Danube University Krems. An ePortfolio page gives an insight into the visit and collects some of the input material. Part of the collection: my workshop on "Learning Design and Teacher Training. the ATS2020 experience". Together with my colleagues Stephan Längle and Isabell Grundschober we continue working with our coordinators from Spain and our partners from Albania and Finland on the TEAVET project.

Wissensbilanzen/academic achievements

Meine Wissensbilanzen enthalten vor allem Publikationen, aber auch Hinweise auf ePortfolio-Seiten zu Vorträgen, zur Lehre etc.

My academic achievements (mainly publications, but also presentations or input-portfolios for teaching etc.) are summarized in "Wissensbilanzen":



2018 (upcoming)

Farewell to my old ePortfolio page

You can also find me...

Lehrtätigkeit/Betreuung von Master Thesen

LernerInnen inspirieren und von diesen inspiriert zu werden gehört für mich zu den schönsten (und spannendsten) Dingen, die das Leben zu bieten hat. Ich unterrichte derzeit vor allem im Bereich Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten (Recherchieren, Forschen/empirische Forschungsmethoden, Schreiben), u.a. für die Lehrgänge Educational Leadership, eEducation und Online Media Marketing.

Für das Modul Bildungstechnologie, für das ich im Lehrgang eEducation verantwortlich zeichne, biete ich unter anderem folgende Input-Portfolio-Ansichten an: Bildungstechnologie & Lerntheorien, Web 2.0-Tools für PädagogInnen. Gemeinsam mit Isabell Grundschober gestalte ich das Modul Didaktik und Bildungstechnologie für den Lehrgang Digital Publishing in Education, der im Rahmen des Projekts Seamless Learning durchgeführt wird.

Ich betreue Master Thesen, z.B. von Studierenden folgender Lehrgänge: eEducation, Educational Leadership, Personalentwicklung und Kompetenzmanagement mit Neuen Medien (PKNM).


In the framework of the project ATS2020 (Assessment of Transversal Skills) I did "Tools, Platforms, and bases for learner-centered, assessment-based work in classroom. Andrea's ATS2020 blog". This blog is part of the ePortfolio collection of works of WP2 of ATS2020, focusing on tools and technology for learning, teaching, and assessment.

From 2013 to 2017 I kept the blog "Getting Started with Mahara" which is still integrated in my old ePortfolio view.

The blogs listed below are older and in German.

Kairo und mehr” is a mix of a diary of my times in Cairo and an archive for some other (mainly journalistic) texts which I drafted on cultural and teaching related issues during my time in Egypt (between 2002 and 2007).

Facebook und Ägypten” is connected to a workshop at the Medienkompetenz-Symposium at JKU Linz in 2013. It gives some background information on the connections of the “Egyptian Spring” and communication via facebook, but still should be updated with quotes and links.

Techniken des wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens – tfm” is a product of a seminar on techniques of scholarly work for theatre, film and media studies (University of Vienna, summer term 2011). The contributions to this blog are mainly drafted by the students, I did the editing work and sometimes added some information.

Literatur im WWW” contains a commented linkography on German language literature readings for German as a foreign language. It was set up to accompany a workhop at the ÖDaF Tagung (Conference of the Austrian Association for German as a Foreign/Second language) in 2008.

Finally, there is also a blog which accompanied a German course for beginners at University of Vienna, in fall 2012: